Anacom | Sectors

Anacom is for you!

ANACOM is a purely disciplinary tool, it has been specially designed to adapt to multiple sectors with ease.Thanks to its modular operation, each basic version is able to adapt to the particularities of your business! We already work with all these sectors...


Retail trade

You have one or more shops with direct sales to customers. Vous gérez un stock et des livraisons.");?>

Wholesale trade

You manage a stock and deliveries in large quantities, you have to work with pallets and you have multiple retailers as customers.

Leisure & culture

You organise events requiring procurement, customer reservations, quantity management or detailed follow-up.


You need to manage orders, track inventory or give your employees the ability to place orders from their location.


You will manage a stock of parts or products, liaison with Car-pass, their assembly in production and the reception of a finished product.


You have sites to monitor and stock to manage, you have to arrange deadlines and plan interventions.

Industrial manufacturing

You manage a production line, supplier orders, quality assurance and traceability.

Food industry

You manage a production, delivery, processing or product refinement line.


You manage several sites, have delegates who have to update information remotely and often update product sheets.

Service to individuals

You sell services and have to manage schedules and customised pricing, one or more remote delegates.

Service to businesses

You sell services and must manage schedules and pricing, delegates and site monitoring.