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Anacom's complementary assets

ANACOM is a software designed to remain at the cutting edge, with current network and mobility technologies. You will be able to access ANACOM from anywhere thanks to its mobile version, all you need is an internet access and you control everything just like in front of your computer! And thanks to the cloud, what you do is automatically backed up.

The perfect solution for your warehouses!

Your weapon of choice for deliveries, inventories and orders! We have equipped them with our ANACOM-GUN version, allowing you to simply scan the barcodes and enter your data directly into ANACOM.

It allows you to easily make your inventories, to prepare your orders but also to put your suppliers' deliveries in stock.


The solution for your customer registrations!

What better way to motivate your customers to come and register with you while they are waiting than with a kiosk conveniently placed next to the checkout?

Automate loyalty card applications, make them earn discount points: the kiosk is an easy-to-use, interactive and attractive tool that will capture attention.


The perfect solution for building customer loyalty!

Anacom can now be linked to the loyalty programme Freedelity, publisher of IT platforms MyFreedelity (consumer-oriented) and CustoCentrix (merchant-oriented)

CustoCentrix is the Consumer Data Platform 100% dedicated to the retail industry. Their module "Loyalty" takes care of the management of loyalty programmes but also of loyalty and activation mechanisms using coupons, coupons, vouchers, samples or competitions.


One connection, your identifiers: here we go!

The cloud has become an indispensable tool for any company wishing to increase its responsiveness. Sharing and backing up your data wherever you are is now possible! Thanks to the cloud, your delegates no longer waste time encoding orders twice: they do it from their position! Thanks to the cloud, you can go abroad, meet your suppliers or investors: your business remains accessible at all times.

With our session system, you can control who logs in and from where. You keep control of your business while acting exactly the same as you would from your office, in complete security!

Cloud Network

Compatible hardware

Whether you have a point of sale or stock to manage, we have extended ANACOM to the whole range of tools you need to work with. Our program is connected to the remote devices, the encoding goes directly into your database. Don't hesitate: we have everything in place to make your life easier.